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Baby Registry Page

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Baby Registry information...

Not sure where to begin? Well, for an easy way to get started let me begin by saying that whether you are throwing the baby shower or you are the mom-to-be this baby registrys' information is for you.

Whether this is the first baby and you need everything or you’re expecting another addition to the family and you just need a few items. From furniture for the nursery to:

  • diaper bags
  • car seats
  • bassinets
  • cribs
  • receiving blankets
  • bottles and bib
  • etc. and etc.

This is the place for HELP!

A baby registry by definition is a list of items hand selected by the recipient in this case the parents, for a specific occasion in this case the baby shower. DUH! The registry allows the gift givers an opportunity to make an easy, but more importantly a much needed and highly desired purchase. A baby registry makes shopping easy and allows for everyone to get what they want.

Preparing for a baby can be a daunting task. To help you prepare we have included a basic “checklist” to help you organize your thoughts. You may go to the actual store to register. Usually they will give you a scanner and you walk the aisles choosing the items needed for your baby. Or a more convenient option is going online. Many stores now have online baby registry with access to their whole line of products.

We would suggest no matter how you plan on doing your baby registry just remember that you should talk to your friends that are parents to see what brands they like best for car seats, high chairs, cribs, etc. and ask them why. Then you can even do a bit more research on your own and look online at all the products that are out there. Find the sites that rate the various baby products. Be an informed shopper. You would like for the products you are purchasing to last through all the children you plan on having.

Once you have finished your research. Go shopping, virtually or the good old fashioned way. Help is available online and in the store as you need it. You can use the handy checklist we have provided on our site, just so nothing will get forgotten. You can monitor your registry online and update it too. When you complete your online registry (or in the store) You will be able to email the baby shower guests the baby registry information. This should be done by the hostess of the shower not the MOM! If you registered at the store they will most likely give you cards to use in the invitations, these too should be sent to the hostess of the shower to place in the invitations.

The baby registries with the most selection, both online and in a store, have been Babies R Us, Target, Wal-Mart, and Sears. Some sites are strictly online registry like “My Life Registry”. You want to be certain that you remember some people do like to shop in a store and leave with their purchase in hand -- just something to consider when registering.

Well, good luck with selecting your nursery items. We hope that you will find this page helpful. Baby Registry Checklist