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Baby Shower Games

There are many baby shower games to be played. The hard part is choosing just the right ones for your crowd. You may want to consider the average age of the guest that would be attending, the personality of the expecting mom, and the space available. Typically I prepare three to four baby shower games. Basically, you will be choosing between printable, downloadable games and more active games that reqauire more movement than just a pen and paper. You will find both varieties on our site, so let's get started.

I suggest you split the games. Do half printable games and the other half active. at the beginning of the shower play an icebreaker game, something that would help the guests who do not know eadch other feel comfortable. Baby shower games that require name recollection is a good choice for the beginning or the time in which you are waiting for the mom-to-be to arrive.

Once everyone has arrived you can lighten the mood by playing a fun active game. Because everyone probably has already positioned themselves in their seat for the day!

So, get them off their bottoms for some fun!

Make sure you make a big deal out of the prizes. This keeps your guests anticipating your next game. Everyone loves a surprise! Follow with a printable downloadable baby shower game, then other activities such as the food, and cake. Maybe a couple more games, then gifts. You get the idea!.

On our site you will find printable downloadable games as well as man more. We have them divided amongst our themes but, many can work for other themes too. So, browse through, I am certain you will find some games that will suit your parties needs.

Oh, don't forget to have a few extra prizes, just in case you have multiple winners or a tie!


The object of this baby shower game is to avoid saying the word "baby", of course! As your guests arrive pin each one with a small baby colored clothespin. Be certain to instruct each guest that the word "baby" is forbidden in any conversations for the day. If you catch someone using the word "baby" you get to take their pin. If she had collected any pins from another guest, well, you get to take that too! The person with the most pins at the end of the baby shower wins the prize!

This baby shower game is so much fun. But, in order for you to play this game at the baby shower you will need to play ahead. You will need to request of each guest a picture of themselves as a baby. Yes, the pictures will be returned at the end of the shower. As your guests arrive have a display board or poster board (available at Walmart or any office supply store) prepared to display all the pictures. Tape each guest’s picture onto the display board in a random order. You must label each picture with a number. Once all guest have arrived and you have placed your last picture on the display board you are ready to play this baby shower game. Give each guest a piece of paper and something to write with. Give the guests time to look over the display board and decide which adult goes with which baby. The one who gets the most correct answers wins.

Take a spool of curling ribbon or yarn in baby colors of course and have each of the guests guess how much ribbon is need to stretch around the expecting mothers belly. Allow each guest to cut off the ribbon or yarn to the length they think it will take to go all the way around. This baby shower game lets mom know just HOW big people really think she is. Then, after everyone has made their guess and has their ribbon in hand measure mom’s belly. Compare each guest ribbon with the “real” one. The guest with the closest length wins.

This would be a perfect time filler before the mother-to-be gets to the shower. We have it in the baby shower game section but no prizes will be rewarded except for the laughs that mom gets at those early morning diaper changes. Give everyone a disposable diaper and a Sharpie marker in a pretty color. Ask each guest to write some words of encouragement, teasing words, or advice for those 3 a.m. diaper changes. (i.e. It’s 2 a.m. and I can’t sleep in this pee pee diaper, or This is fun, right mom?) Tie them all together in a bundle and present them to mom with the instructions that they are only to be used at early morning diaper changes. NO PEEKING!

This is another good baby shower game, while you wait for the guest of honor. Buy a pretty journal with a baby design on the front or better yet buy a plan journal and decorate it just for the expecting mom. As your guest arrive pass around the journal and something to write with. Ask each guest to write down some advice for the new mother. We have found that it is helpful for you to make a note of this journal in the invitation somehow, best choice would be a separate piece of paper. It will give your guests the opportunity to think of what they would like to share with the mother-to-be. A sample of what you might write would be…We are collecting your thoughts and tried and true ideas for dealing with all aspects of becoming a mother. When you arrive at the shower we will ask you to record your motherly advice in a journal that will be presented to mother-to-be as a gift from all who attend. Please be thinking of the words of wisdom you would like to pass on!

On the bottom of the plates that will be used for your refreshments, draw a simple picture of a baby. We don’t recommend taping a picture on the bottom as your guests may discover that it is there before you are ready for that. Once you see that everyone has a plate of food in front of them make an announcement. Tell the guests to look under their plates for the picture of the baby. The one with the picture wins a prize! This is a good surprise baby shower game, when the guests think all the prizes have been won!

This game requires some preparation but is definitely worth the time you put into it. First, buy 10 to 12 baby related items. Get little envelopes and cards similar to the one’s you will find in a bouquet of flowers. You should be able to find these at any local card shop. Write the price of each item on a card. Seal it in an envelope and write the corresponding item’s name with each price. Play this game just like the tv show, The Price is Right. The one that collects the most price cards without going over the amount wins. Some possible baby items would be newborn diapers, desitin, gerber baby food, a rattle, Johnson’s baby powder, rubber ducky, pacifier, baby bottle, baby wipes, baby bib, ear thermometer, etc.) When the game is finished be certain to give all the baby items to the expecting mother.

You will need a roll of toilet paper for each team you have playing. Give each team a roll of toilet paper. Using only that, each group should dress one of their team member in a diaper. They can’t use pins, staples or any other adhesive device. The expecting mom can judge the teams to choose the winner. This would be a good game for smaller prizes.

If you have chosen to play the “Price is Right” game you can use the same items; however, you should play this game first so there won’t be an unfair advantage. Fill a tray with baby items both big and small, put whatever you can think of. As hostess you will take the tray around the room giving each guest a minute or two to look at the tray. Then remove the tray from the room and have the guests write down as many items as they can remember. Once everyone has had a chance to write down the items bring the tray back into the room and go over what is contained on the tray. The guest that has the most items wins!

Tootsie Match – This baby shower game will get everyone up and moving FAST! In the middle of the room, place a mound of 10-15 pairs of baby socks and booties. (make sure you separate them…also be certain mix the patterns). Each guest will get 15 seconds to match the socks and booties. The guest with the most pairs at then end of 15 seconds wins the game. If you haven’t already thought of this, you could ask each of your guest to bring one pair of baby socks. This could be their entry for the door prize. Just simply give them a ticket when they give you the socks. 


Compile a list of proper names of baby animals, (i.e. piglet, colt, chick, calf…) Online you will be able to readily find this information. Kids books are also a good resource as well as the dictionary. Make a list of 15 names or so. Have the guest name the mom to go with each baby name. piglet – pig, colt – horse, chick – chicken etc. Whoever has the most correct wins the game!

Find two puzzles (24 pieces or more) picturing something baby oriented, i.e. rubber duckies, bears, or baby animals. On the back of each piece of one puzzle put the letter “G” for girl, and for the second puzzle label the back of the pieces with a “B” for boy. Take a few pieces of the “B” puzzle and mix them with the “G” puzzle. Then take some of the “G” pieces and mix them with the “B” puzzle. Place the puzzles on separate tea trays and cover with a cloth. When it is time to play the game divide your guests into two teams. Place a tray with a puzzle before each team. Tell the teams to complete the puzzles, first one done wins…that simple. However, they will have to solve the mystery of the switched puzzle pieces first! NO HINTS!

Purchase large toy-filled baby bottles. Empty each one and save the contents for other games, or to give to the mother-to-be. Also purchase enough racquetball balls to fill each bottle. Allow each guest three minutes to take the racquetballs, pinch them between their knees and squat above the bottles, and drop the balls. The one that fills the bottle or gets the most balls in, in the three minutes allotted WINS!

May we suggest that in addition to your games that you have some beauty school students come in and do manicures or paraffin treatments on all your guests hands. If you contact your local Vocational Schools you may get some student’s that are in need of practice. Another idea would be to have a massage therapist come in and do a head and neck massage on each of your guests. What a way to be pampered!

Divide your guests into groups of three or more. Take the song “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star” and tell the teams to rewrite the lyrics of the chorus to sing about the new baby and/or her parents. Give some time for them to come up with lyrics and practice there new hit. Have each group perform their song for the mom-to-be. She will be the judge for this competition. Look out American Idol!

Provide the guests with a list of celebrity moms on the left hand side of a piece of paper and the name of their child, out of order of course, down the right hand side of the paper. Be certain to hand them the paper upside down. One your count have everyone turn their paper over and match the celebrity moms and her child. Then guest who has the most correct matches wins.  

On baby bottled shaped cut outs write down different scenarios. (i.e…………….) Give each contestant 10 seconds to respond with how they would react. It is fun to hear what solutions people come up with.

You will need to purchase miniature babies, the size that will fit in an ice cube tray. You can find them at craft stores and some larger fabric stores. Place one baby in each section of an ice cube tray, fill the tray with water and freeze over night. The day of the shower put and ice cube in each guest cup but only one with a baby inside. The first guest who has a floating baby in their drink wins the prize!

This theme would be great for our “Don’t Say …Bleep” game because of the clothespins.

Play a matching game between Author’s of children’s books and there titles.

Place various baby items in a basket – cover with a baby blanket. Allow your guest to only use one hand and feel in the basket, for one minute. Then give them a piece of paper and something to write with and they need to write down as many of the items as they can remember. Instruct them to only one hand and only one minute.

You will need some larger size dolls and diapers that will fit them. Have husbands & wives, boyfriends and girlfriends, and etc. team up. Blindfold the male half of the team. Have the woman place the baby in front of the men. Give instructions that the only help the men will get from their partners is verbal instruction. Oh, don’t forget that the baby has a rash and will need desitin! The one who gets the ointment applied and the diaper on “for keeps” is the winner. Be certain that the woman are not helping in any way. They can only tell the men which way to move or find the objects.

You will need as many diapers as you have guests. Take one diaper and make a kaka mess in it (using chocolate) Place diapers in a basket and have the guest choose a diaper. On the count of three have the guests open their diapers at the same time. The one with the “mess” wins the prize!

Baby Shower Games