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Baby Shower Refreshments & Food

Baby Shower Refreshments & Food...

From celery sticks to dip, or canies and truffles, to full meals. Look out Emeril...just kidding, well, maybe not! Sometimes hosting a baby shower may require you to be a chef. Baby shower refreshments & food will be determined by a number of things. If you are holding it at a restaurant then it will be quite simple. Just choose your menu! DONE! Just watch the budget! If the party is being held at someone’s home…well…that is when the fun begins. When planning baby shower refreshments you can go in many directions. Most importantly if you have a chosen them you will want to try to incorporate foods that support that theme. The theme should not be limited to the plates and napkins. Check out our links to baby shower refreshments & foods that directly relate to our themes.

By far, the easiest baby shower food is a buffet or a bunch of smaller plates and bowls filled with warm appetizers, vegetables, cheese and crackers, and dips. Think tapas style. Serving finger foods is always popular because of the variety of items. This type of serving can allow for many different “flavors” as well.

One idea, to get guests mingling about the room , would be to place different groupings of food around the room. This way everyone has to GET UP! There is always catering which many restaurants now do. This option for baby shower refreshments and foods can get expensive. However, for some themes this would be ideal. Let your budget determine where your menu falls. Creating a sit down meal is a nice option, it can be quite labor-some, and you would definitely want to make certain that there was comfortable seating for everyone to sit at while they were eating.

Yet again, time of day plays a role in what to serve as well. Mid-afternoon, after 2 p.m. lets say, we would suggest appetizers or just go for desserts, pastries, petit fours and the like. In the morning or around midday brunch may we suggest mini-quiches, bagels and spreads, Danish, and maybe a breakfast like casserole. In the evening you can go for warm appetizers and dips, and sauces. Fondue would be a nice option for an early evening baby shower, too!

As for drinks, well popular items are punch, tea, soda, and water. As far as alcoholic drinks we wouldn’t suggest it. We all know the guest of honor will be unable to drink them, so in solidarity abstain from serving them. If you choose to serve them because of the time of day and you feel it is necessary you should check with the expecting mom to get an idea about how she feels about it. But if you decide to go this route don’t forget to have a special “virgin” variety that the guest of honor can enjoy.

Whatever you decide for your menu, be creative, have fun and plan so that you are not doing all the serving, you will want to enjoy the fruits of your labor too! Be certain to look through our pages to find food specific to our fabulous themes.

Remember in all things…ENJOY!

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