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Baby Shower Theme Examples

Baby Shower Theme Examples Below you will find some Baby Shower Theme Examples. Feel free to use our or come up with your own theme. We hope these Baby shower themes will start you on your way for a successful baby shower.

Colors of the Rainbow
How about using colors from the nursery for your baby shower theme. This baby shower theme gives the flexibility to use any type of napkins, tableware, decorations for your party and it leaves plenty of options for the cake, from a baby blanket covered cake to an umbrella in nursery colors. You can play games that have you match different colored baby items to complete a wardrobe or time of day for the baby. For the menu, I would include colorful foods, fresh fruits, sandwiches with colorful vegetables in pita pockets. This baby shower theme example can be as broad or specific as you want it and you don’t need to spend a bundle of money on expensive decorations all in the same patterns.

Nursery Theme:
Roses and ribbons, Noah’s Ark, Victorian Lace baby shower theme examples are just a few samples that can apply to this theme. Ask the mom-to-be what she plans for her nursery decor and go from there. If her decor is roses and ribbons, then incorporate that look and feel for the party, use the pattern for the cake, build games around the décor. You can even decorate with items that will fill the nursery. Baby room themes can take a lot of planning and a lot of money. What a great way to cover all the baby needs from the room to mealtimes, to baby times.

English Tea party
A baby shower theme example that speaks to the sophisticated mommy. This is for the mommy who likes the finest things in life what better than tea at Tiffany’s. You can place fresh flower centerpieces on each table, that are elegantly covered with fancy table clothes, places are marked with place cards etc. Borrow teapots, saucers, and cups from friends…a different set for each table is nice. Add teddy bears around the room. Have your guest dress in their finest dresses for tea. On the menu most suitably you will find assorted teas, scones, etc. The main menu was turkey on a croissant, fresh fruit slices, and a salad. Serve petit fours in place of a cake!

Bouncing Baby Brunch
This is a perfect baby boy baby shower theme example. Baby boys are always referred to as bouncing…so let’s bounce!. Throw a brunch and decorate with balls and sports décor, think round and bouncy! You should typically hold a bunch baby shower theme around 10:30 a.m. provide a menu that would work for this time of day, light not to heavy. Games of any sort would work but I would stick to the balls idea when choosing games. Serve “cocktails” "virgin" (non-alcoholic) cocktails, sparkling white grape juice with orange juice for mock mimosas. Try serving fruit tarts, quiches, bagels with all the fixings, and bundt cake for dessert. Remember round is also keeping with the ball theme.

Mommy Shower
By the time your friend is having her third child she may need more than diapers and onesies. She may just flat out need a day to bask in the peace and quiet of having no children around. So we think that this calls for a break from tradition! Throw the baby shower for mom! This baby shower theme example really is for mommy! Decorate with things mom likes, dress up, or dress down depending on mom’s preference, use fancy china, and real crystal, serve fancy chocolates on linen covered tables, decorate with fresh flowers. Treat mom to a foot spa while she opens the gifts, gifts that are given to mom. Gifts that she can use to pamper herself! Spend the time enjoying each other’s company. How about manicures for all the ladies, or facials. Suggest gifts like spa treatments, manicures, beauty salons, restaurant gift certificates. This is sure to be a baby shower theme hit!

Walk of Fame
Make the cake like a star on the Walk of Fame on Hollywood Boulevard. Adorn it with words that read "A star will be born" or something similar. This baby shower theme example is for the performer soon to be born. Decorate with blue and gold. Use old motion picture memorabilia. Or take this baby shower theme example and go towards the classic song Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star. Find a comfortable directors chair for mom. Use movie set props around the room. The possibilities are endless. Place a red carpet leading up to the door of the house. You could video tape each guest arriving and have them send a special blessing to the baby via “satellite”.

What’s for Dinner?
Coming home with a second child can be a joyous yet exhausting experience. So, why not throw mom a party that will provide her with a few weeks worth of home cooked meals via the freezer. For this baby shower theme example have guests come with a freezable meal in hand. From soups, to entrees to desserts, all will be used after the baby arrives and no one has anytime. You can decorate with a wintery theme…a deep freeze theme. Penguins and snow, perfect for the wintery months.

Diaper bonanza
First, put together the “hook”! Put together an irresistible basket with a bottle of wine, crackers, wine glasses, wine opener, block of cheese, summer sausage, etc. to display at the baby shower. Now this is a baby shower theme example for a refined group of women! In the invitations write that there would be a raffle for a gift basket that anyone would love. The price for each entry was one small pack of diapers or a box of wipes. Your guests can enter as many times as they like. Your guest of honor can go months without ever purchasing diapers. What a financial relief! But don’t stop there, you can make the invitations out of diapers, and diaper pins. Play games around the same things. Face it mom will need lots of practice with diapers.

Layette Party
Hang a clothesline in the room. As your guests arrive use baby clothes pins to hang and display layette items to help decorate the room. You can send out invitations that have a clothesline on the front. On the inside, ask that each person bring an item for the clothesline as an entry for the door prize. When the mom-to-be walks in, she'll be thrilled with the new layette that she now has for her baby. But, don’t stop there! This baby shower theme example is perfect for a spring or summer baby shower. You can take advantage of the clothesline by decorating with clouds, flowers, the sun, butterflies, ladybugs, and the like. The cake could be anything from a garden scheme with a baby bassinet amongst the flowers, to a cake decorated on the sides with the mother-to-be’s favorite flower, or you could make a cake decorated like the sun and adorn it with words that read: A ray of joy is coming.

”Barnes & Baby” Baby Shower Theme
Studies show time and time again how important it is to read to your child. So, what better way to get started than to have a “Barnes & Baby” Baby Shower. Base this baby shower theme example around books…nursery rhymes in particular and copy the idea of a comfortable coffee (& tea) house. Big pillows, comfy chairs, quiet music, coffee, tea, scones, muffins, biscotti, books and magazines that have to do with baby. Posters or displays of nursery rhymes would be great. You can find those at a school supply store in the preschool section. I would have the cake look like an open book with a dedication written to the baby. The games could be based on classic nursery rhymes like Humpty Dumpty, Hey Diddle Diddle, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star the possibilities are endless. Great gift suggestions, among the usual, would be books on tape, classic layette music to play in the room while baby sleeps, board books, even books on parenting tips.

A Tisket, A Tasket Theme Baby Shower
…a green and yellow basket. Baskets, tubs, and bins of all varieties filled with mom’s every need for her new bundle of joy. You can send out invitations that a cut in the shape of a basket tied closed with a ribbon (in the color of the babies room if you know it). You should include in the invitation a special request that each guest create a “basket” for the mother-to-be. By basket we don’t just mean a weaved basket…for a bath time basket one might use a bath tub and fill it with baby bath, powder, baby towels, washcloths, a rubber ducky, a small laundry basket would be good for onesies, and baby blankets, toy bins or toy box for board books, black and white toys, a boppy pillow etc., one could even do a picnic basket filled with freezable meals, baby bottles, formula and restaurant certificates. We are sure that you can come up with many more theme baskets for this baby shower theme example. The possibilities are endless and if you just walk into a baby store they tend to have related items placed together so you can go from there.

Couples Shower
Couples showers are becoming more and more popular these days. Daddy’s want to be involved in the festivities of welcoming there new baby into the world as well. But, remember with the inclusion of the men…the baby shower will need to change from the traditional. Guys will be less than thrilled with eating rattle shaped cookies and playing “traditional” shower games. So plan something that requires strategy…solving the mystery phrase that of course has to do with babies. Include gifts or items for dad such as Daddy and Me books, a book on parenting from a father’s point of view, a “how to” guide to changing diapers. Before planning a couple’s shower I would ask the mother-to-be if dad and his friends, would be interested in participating. One thing you can be sure of…with men at the baby shower you will need lots of food, filling food, sandwiches won’t be satisfying for a group of men. A barbeque is a great option for a couples shower.

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