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It’s been several years since the first baby shower I planned has happened. Since then, I have been involved in so many baby showers I find myself constantly thinking of new themes even when no one I know is pregnant.

I just love coming up with ‘out of the ordinary’ baby shower ideas. But, whether or not you are like me I am certain you will find at least one of our baby shower theme ideas that will suit your needs and the tastes of the mom-to-be. I suggest that you think about WHO you are throwing the baby shower for. My sister-in-law, name withheld, is one of those “contemporary girls” – so a traditional nursery rhyme baby shower theme wouldn’t cut it for her! So, I sat down and made a list of all the things she liked. By doing this it led me to an “Irish Tea” which is just an “island” away from our English Tea! LOL

I felt so much better and more organized once I had decided on a theme. I suggest that is where you start! Once I decided with an “Irish Tea”, I started talking to my friends and the expecting mom’s family. They helped me to get ideas of “mom’s” favorite places, favorite food, and one truly great find was a store called Celtic Crafts, in Miami. It had just the authentic Irish items that made our theme go off without a hitch.

You don’t have to choose a baby shower theme that is as specific. It can be a more general baby shower theme such as:

I hope that our themes will give you ->direction<-, wouldn’t want you spinning in circles! My best and most talked about themes were the one’s that I incorporated the theme from a to z, front to back, and end to end! Baby shower themes can be a lot of fun and they provide a creative outlet for you! ENJOY!

Baby Shower Guru

My friends and family still talk about the different baby shower themes and the fun we had! We hadn’t just welcomed a baby…we created a lifetime of memories and stories to be retold over and over.

Coming up with the perfect theme is one of your first steps in preparing a unique baby shower. Determining the concept will set your course in the decision making for the rest of the planning.

Within this site you will find many ideas. One which will certainly fit your mother-to-be’s needs. Once you have decided on a theme that you want, you are ready to continue on to the next step of planning.

In the past, it was tradition that only the first baby had a shower, we now have showers for every baby! Typically, most showers are scheduled in the last trimester of the mother-to-be's pregnancy stage, usually about one month before the due date. However, this is not set in stone. But you can usually be comfortable knowing that the baby will still be in mommy’s tummy for the baby shower.

Planning a baby shower is exciting and fun!  The key to keeping things together is to GET ORGANIZED! Choose a theme, keep a notebook or a binder to track everything from brainstorming to clean up. So, take a look at our themes for baby showers and put your foot in the right direction.

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