Etiquette for your Baby Shower!

Baby Shower Etiquette; Wow who sits around and thinks of this stuff! There are many areas of etiquette that should be looked at before, during, and after the planning of a baby shower. Social manners dictated in the past that only non-relatives are to host a baby shower. Today, etiquette/manners has shown that it is more common for mothers and sisters to host baby showers also. The important etiquette(i.e. manners) rule is that someone take the initiative to host the baby shower. To host a baby shower is a generous display of caring for a new family. The only person that should absolutely not host a baby shower it is the mother herself.

When creating the guest list, baby shower protocol (etiquette) dictates that if you are not planning a surprise shower then you can and should consult with the guest of honor to be certain that no one is left out. If on the other hand, the shower is a surprise then consult with family members of the parent’s-to-be.

Baby shower invitation etiquette still promotes written invitations; however, you may also invite guest via phone calls or emails. You will want to be certain that they check their email on a regular basis. No matter which type of invitation you choose be sure to include pertinent information. See our invitation etiquette link for more information.

What does baby shower manners say about men being invited? Social etiquette says you'll need to decide. If the shower is not a surprise consult with the expecting mother. And ask if her spouse would be interested in participating. Many men will not be interested in ooohing and aaahing over cutsie baby stuff and eating cutsie foods. But most certainly, if dad expresses interest then by all means include him and his friends! In our theme section you will find ideas for a couples’ shower.

Next decide where you all will will go! Baby shower etiquette provides that typically baby showers are held in the host’s home or even the backyard on a pleasant day. Remember a pleasant day for you and me will not be the same for a women carrying an extra 30 pounds, so be thinking of her when you make that decision. Depending on the budget you are trying to follow you may also consider a church social hall, a favorite restaurant, or a banquet hall. It all depends on you and the atmosphere you want to set for the event.

When to throw a baby shower brings other etiquette issues to the table. Typically, showers are held one to two months before the babies due date. Etiquette has also recognized another popular trend. Many people are opting to hold a “Welcoming”baby shower after the baby is born. This can be very helpful for out-of-town guests who may be coming to help out or visit after baby is born. Then they can be present for all events. We suggest speaking to the mom to be to see how she feels or her family if it is a surprise.

One last etiquette tip…it’s mom’s special day, make her feel that way. Buy her a corsage, decorate a comfy chair for her, have someone hand her the gifts so she doesn’t have to bend over, and prepare some of her favorite food. Don’t forget help afterwards with taking the gifts to the car. It’s all about her and the bundle of joy she is carrying.

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