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Planning a Baby Shower

Planning a Baby Shower from A to Z!

Everything in its place, every last detail attended to, the shower is on the “road” without a hitch. Now that is perfect baby shower planning. Remember, planning a baby shower may feel a bit overwhelming and yes, it takes a lot of organization and hard work, but by being diligent now, in the planning stage you will definitely be giving yourself more time to spend with the guest of honor at the baby shower.

At Everything-Baby-Showers.com we will provide you with the help you need to be organized. Use our handy guide for planning a baby shower. It is sure to keep your thoughts from swirling and becoming overwhelmed. Print out the pages of the baby shower planning guide and attach them to a notebook.

Consult with friends whom have already hosted baby showers. Without a doubt you will need to consult with the families of the parents-to-be for help with the guest list, out of town guests, and likes and dislikes of the expecting parents. If you only have a few weeks you better put it in high gear and get on with the program!

You will need to decide on a manageable budget, this is one of the first things to decide on when planning a baby shower. Don’t lose sight of the fact that the baby shower is the host’s present to the mom-to-be. So, give it your all, your 110%. Once you have come up with a budget stick to it and remember to divide it into several categories, such as:

  • decorations
  • food
  • paper products
  • postage
  • invitations
  • game supplies
  • prizes
  • cost of location (if it applies)

A good bit of advice would be to carry your baby shower planning guide where ever you go. So, just when you remember that distant cousin you have forgotten…jot it down on your list. Don’t trust that you will remember later, there are many different things that will be distracting your thoughts, always write it down!!

The first-time expectant mother has a bounty of wonderful things to anticipate. If you are planning a baby shower for someone you love, you can rely on Everything-Baby-Showers.com to guide you in the right direction. Your one stop planning guide is just one click away!

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